Experience the construction of Maryland Dove, a reproduction of the vessel that accompanied the first European settlers to Maryland in 1634.



Ark and Dove were the two ships that began the Maryland Colony. Dove was a small, 40-ton capacity cargo ship purchased by Cecil Calvert and investors so that the colonists would have their own ship to use once Ark had sailed for England.


Maryland Dove, a tall ship built in 1978, is Historic St. Mary’s City’s floating ambassador and one of its most popular exhibits. Visitors to the ship experience what traveling by water was like for the first European settlers.


The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has officially been selected to build a new Maryland Dove. Construction is underway as of June 1, 2019 and will end with the launch of the new Maryland Dove in 2021. All work will be done in full public view, allowing the public to experience every stage of the project.